Carta Magica Centre de Jeux

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We regularly buy cards and minis singles. You can browse our buy lists for the following games in the left hand menu:

*Important note about our buylists: We reserve the right to change any price without notice and at any time, to limit the quantity we buy for certain singles and you must bring your singles in store to sell them. For online orders, customers must receive a confirmation order for their buylist order before shipping.

We buy in bulk!!!

Unload your boxes of unwanted commons, uncommons, rares and get money $$ or a 10% bonus in trade. Any card not currently on our buylist will be considered as bulk.


Commons/uncommons: 4 for 0.01$ 1¢ (200ct box=0,50$)(good condition, english cards, no basic lands)
Rares/Mythic Black Border: 0.10$ (200ct box=20$)
Rares White Border: 0.05$ (200ct box=10$)

Magic FOIL Common/Uncommon/Land: $0.01 each (200ct box=2$)
Magic FOIL Rares: $0.10 each (200ct box=20$)
Unglued or Unhinged textless Lands: $2.00 each (200ct box=400$)

Note: We do not accept the following as bulk Rares: Unhinged, Time Spiral purple "Timeshifted", Chronicles U1's, Fallen Empires U1's, or Homelands U1's.
Any sent in will be counted as bulk Common/Uncommons!)


Commons/Uncommons/Rare/Foil 0.015$ (200ct box=4$)
GX/EX/lvl.x/Shiny/Prime: 0.50$ (200ct box=100$)


Commons/Rares: 4 for 0.01$ (200ct box=1$)
Ultra/Secret/Gold/Ghost : 0.05$ (200ct box=10$)

Dragon Ball Super

Rares/Super Rares: 0.05$ (200ct box=10$)
Commons/Uncommons: 4 for 0.01$ (200ct box=1$)

All cards must be in English and NM/SP.

Our business hours are detailed here :Montreal, Ottawa.